rejoem: a series
of three —

★AGDA Merit 2022​​​​​​​
Aiming to encapsulate the idea, the process and the execution of the typeface rejoem display, which was designed for my final student project, this publication; rejoem: a series of three, explores the narrative of being an identical triplet and how that has impacted my identity.
rejoem: a series of thee, is a response to the experience of being. The document is an archive of precious ephemera and a reflection of a life lived along side two others, my sisters. It not only demonstrates the process of crafting the typeface, but tells the story along side it. From the beginning, sharing a childhood of memories, through to growing up. The document continues through three chapters, re, jo and em, which each focus on aspects of the typeface, as well as showing how the typeface reflects the impact of connection through a shared collective identity.
The 83 paged publication is split into three chapters. Re, Jo and Em, which each explore a different aspect of the typeface; rejoem display. 
— Book printed on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell 148gsm I-Tone, PUR bound.