Tia the 
Kahikatea —

★ illustration / publication design
Tia the Kahikatea, written by local author Joseph Aldridge, is a forty one paged children's book which tells the story of New Zealand's history through the Māori, english settlers and the birds and trees of the forest. At its core, Tia the Kakihatea is about protecting the native forest in order to retain the rich history and story telling it holds. ​​​​​​​
Alongside my sister Joanna Pitt, we illustrated full colour images to go with the story. Being able to capture the deep story telling through the illustrations was a process, breaking down the key moments in the story to not only showcase the action, but leave some room for imagination too!
We are currently still selling copies, if you would like to purchase a copy email me to inquire at: @renee.pitt3@gmail.com